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“Professional work with extra values”


I am passionate about my work and as a consequence, my clients are of crucial importance.

I do my best to answer immediately and I try to adjust my workflow to the requests at any season.


My sense of responsability is an intrinsic value which I apply in a rigorous manner in each of my projects since a strong basis is the first step towards a successful work.


Not all the taks demand the same level of precision. I adapt such accuracy to the concerned job and from then on I explore all the possibilities in order to create a consistent project and in harmony with the original one in terms of structure and terminology.


I strictly follow the confidentiality clauses and the requirements the client estimes necessary so as to safeguard in every moment the privacy of the project.


Nowadays, we are abided by tight and urgent delivery margins. I commit myself to fulfill such deadlines without leaving behind any extra value in order to ensure the subsequent process of creation of the material in the stipulated period.

Corina is a young and enthusiastic translator with a wide experience in the field of the audiovisual translation.

In Dubbing Films, she has been working with us in a continuous way since one year approximately with great successful. Her good work, her conscientiousness and her responsibility regarding deadlines are her best letter of introduction.

We hope we can continue counting on her good translations for many years.

Azucena Díaz, Artistic Director, Dubbing Films

“Corina is a talented translator and we trust and rely on her to translate our technical documentations.

She is a conscious professional with her tasks and she always meets the required deadlines.

We are very satisfied with her work.”

Jose Antonio Carrillo, Director of Operations, Canaryfly