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“Translating with passion to make different cultures understand one other.”

In translation for dubbing, dialogues take on another meaning. Under the frame of creativity, puns, humor, jargon and slang are contextualized in order to achieve a natural and fluent work.

In the inter-linguistic subtitling, technical conventions equally essentials as translation come additionally into play so as to assure the precision and the correct rhythm of the audiovisual piece.


  • Translation for dubbing
  • Translation for voice – over


  • Conventional subtitling
    • Translation of subtitles
    • Creation and adaptation of subtitles
    • Spotting
  • Theatre and opera surtitling

Through these two techniques I create an accessible project to all audiences.

In the case of the inter-linguistic subtitling, a more reliable text that uses the UNE norm 153010 is transcribed so as to reach the public with hearing impairment.

Regarding to audio description, a created narrative compensates the lack of perception of the audience with significance information about the play.

Subtitling for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing people

  • Transcription from the video
  • Spotting

Audio description for Blind and Visually impared

In both cases, not only the text to be translated is taken into account, but also the market in which is going to be launched. An appropriate and accurate terminology and the respective technical conventions are some of the aspects to be considered through the process, without leaving behind the creative nuances that, in the video games case, result its leitmotiv.

Translation and localization of mobile applications

Translation of the application interface texts, the additional documentation such as manuals and marketing texts taking into account the target market.
Video game Localization

It follows a translation and transcreation process and a later linguistic testing.

Not only in strictly technical texts we can find specialized vocabulary that requires the same cultural adaptation. In spite of the fact that those do not demand a high level of accuracy and knowledge, the coherence is essential to reach their final public.

I deal not only with advertising texts, touristic brochures and articles about art, culture and gastronomy, but also leaflets, letters and emails.

I put in words all the material susceptible to transcription that can be found in any audio or video format.

Depending on the necessity I offer:

  • Literal Transcription: In this type of transcription, it is gathered all the information in an accurate way, being reflected every jargon, onomatopoeia or mistake, for instance.
  • Natural Transcription: On the contrary, in this type of transcription all the superfluous information is deleted in order to create a more profesional text which keeps the relevant data

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